A Strategy for Reaching Secular People


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Dr. Ernan A. Norman, D.Min. has identified strategies to implement John 13: 35 “All people will know that you are my followers if you love each other.” An excellent source for the essential principles of discipleship in a postmodern world. This book is written in nontechnical language based on the experiences as a student, pastor, and professor. I believe that the concepts presented are fundamental and are in harmony with the model demonstrated by Jesus during His ministry on earth. Meeting people at their level, putting their needs ahead of His own, treating people with respect, befriending the nonreligious and inviting them into a relationship with Himself are some of the concepts that are identified and supported as strategies for reaching secular people. This book is an outstanding and important piece of work, and easily readable. I would urge A Strategy for Reaching Secular People on members and leaders in every church – if they are willing to challenge basic assumptions and embrace change relative to reaching lost people. Strategies that remove the barriers that keep people from hearing about God’s love, and to create a warm, friendly, uncritical, and non-judgmental attitude of acceptance are clearly presented. Full of practical how-to’s and watch-out’s this book by Ernan Norman is for individuals serious about sharing the love of God. As we interact with and minister to secular people, matters such as marriage and family, academics, employment, addictions, and human rights must be addressed. Norman clearly gives strategies for intentional efforts to reach secular-postmodern men and women in our day. The central concept is the example of Jesus that we should follow. A must read!

Weymouth Spence, Ed.D. Vice President for Academic Administration, Atlantic Union College

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